How Does CBT Work?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is seen as effective for a wide range of problems such as depression and anxiety disorders.

Cognitive means how we think. How we think influences our feelings. CBT works by helping us gain an understanding of how our thoughts lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, anger or unhappiness. We gain an understanding of how the way we think is limiting our lives and how we can change this.

CBT also looks at behaviours and how they are contributing to our distress or anxiety. For example, a person experiencing panic attacks may stop going out. A person with social anxiety dreading social occasions may seek to avoid them. A person experiencing depression may stop doing things they formerly enjoyed. These behaviours increase feelings of unhappiness, helplessness and despair.

One of the greatest benefits of CBT is that it helps people to develop coping strategies that can be put into practice both now and in the future.

CBT helps you make sense of your life and move forward. It teaches the client to become their own therapist.

How Can CBT Help?

Through working with the counsellor you learn to identify the thoughts and behaviours that are affecting you and cause distress. Often we are totally unaware of these. With the help of your counsellor, you can learn new strategies that can be put into practice in real-life situations and gradually take small steps to change old thoughts and behaviours.


As we get on with the stresses of our busy lives, we are often barely aware of the present moment. We spend so much time analysing the past or anticipating the future that we don’t pay attention to what’s happening right now. Often we are our own harshest critic.  Some clients may benefit from input on Compassion Focussed Mindfulness. For some, learning self-acceptance and kindness to self can be a powerful tool for change.

How a CBT Session Works

The initial session gives you an opportunity to talk about your issues and see if CBT is right for you and if it can help. All sessions last for 60 minutes.

Between sessions you will practice some of the tools being learned, as progress is heightened by doing so. Goals are set and a plan is devised, individual to you and your issues. This helps you see your progress.


The fee is €50 - €60 per session based on your ability to pay. I only work with clients aged over 21.